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Peak Integration Platform (Open Access)

OpenPIP is InterVenn’s open access online portal providing state-of-the-art neural networks for mass spectrometry peak integration. It is a straightforward alternative that overcomes the steep learning curve typical of most mass spec software offerings.

Key features:

  • Reliable targeted quantification for both high and low-abundance analytes (small molecules, proteins, lipids, metabolites, etc.)
  • Ultra-fast (100 peaks/second), one-click analysis
  • Intuitive interface
  • Compatible with open formats and proprietary files

openpip-graph-1 openpip-graph-2

VENN Vista

Glycoproteomics Research Tool

VENN Vista is the first commercially available panel capable of assessing blood (serum or plasma) protein glycosylation in a site-specific manner, across more than 500 peptides and glycopeptides.

Key features:

  • Quantification of more than 500 glycoproteoforms in a single measurement
  • Dynamic range: 4 orders of magnitude
  • Sample requirement: 10 microliters of serum/plasma
  • High throughput analysis, suitable for large cohort studies

Site-specific measurement of protein glycoforms provides unique insight into protein functionality that traditional immunoassays or aptamer-based approaches cannot.

Illuminate Your Research with VENN Vista

InterVenn’s AI-enabled, mass spectrometry glycoproteomics platform enables researchers at academic centers and biopharmaceutical companies to assess post-translational modifications at an unprecedented scale and speed. This empowers them to study biology and enhance drug development efforts using an -omic dimension that more closely recapitulates the disease phenotype.

Using the proprietary VENN Vista workflow, we and our partners around the world have discovered clinically actionable biomarkers for disease diagnosis, prognosis and recurrence detection, as well as panels for patient stratification, treatment prediction and monitoring. Use cases span across various areas in oncology, autoimmunity, metabolism and neurology.

Ovarian Cancer Liquid Biology

InterVenn is developing a first-in-class mass spec-based glycoproteomic clinical diagnostic test for ovarian cancer. Currently undergoing clinical validation in a global, multi-center clinical trial, this proprietary test will enable clinicians to distinguish benign from malignant masses in women presenting with adnexal (pelvic) masses, through a simple blood test.

Learn more about participating in the VOCAL trial at (NCT03837327).

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