We Are InterVenn


We embrace a holistic approach to understanding diseases, through the interdependence of various disciplines -- biology, augmented intelligence, advanced instrumentation, clinical sciences -- and always with patient care at the core.

VENN \ˈven- \ diagram (n): ”A graphical representation of all possible logical relations between a collection of different sets”.


The InterVenn team comprises pioneers in glycoproteomics, experts in mass spectrometry, oncologists, bioengineers, computer engineers, biostatisticians, epidemiologists, and entrepreneurial mavericks, working interdependently to codify the full picture of human health.

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  • Carolyn Bertozzi, Ph.D.
  • Scientific Advisory Board Chairwoman
Carlito Lebrilla, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisory Board Member
John Lowe, M.D.
Scientific Advisory Board Member
James Zou, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisory Board Member
Tony Wyss Coray, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisory Board Member
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