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May 31, 2019
Location: San Francisco, US


A Billing professional with proven track record in planning, building, and executing compliant billing practices with a maniacal focus on patient experience and fiscal responsibility to our business. Everything you do and say leads by example of how we operate to ensure correct claims submission and follow up claim status processes are carried out. You don’t see departments, you see individual architects shaking the foundation of science and medicine. If this is you, read on.


We are not married to specific tools, technologies or shiny objects. We ask questions until we arrive at the best answer for the patient. We believe glycoproteins are a new language of biology we are translating for the benefit of patients, researchers, science and medicine. We have diverse backgrounds and experiences, skeptical about the status quo yet solution oriented. If this sounds like a good fit, read on.


We are seeking a talented individual with proven track record as the Director of Billing. The desired candidates will have experience developing strategy, vendor selection, drafting billing policies and executing submission of claims.


  • Build and manage phase appropriate Billing system
  • Develop quality strategy, engage management in execution of strategy and report billing outcomes
  • Develop appropriate billing policies in conjunction with sales and marketing
  • Ensure timely billing reports and achieve alignment with sales team
  • Setup appropriate banking systems and ERP integrations required
  • Develop and execute appropriate dunning cycle
  • Ability to make Build/Buy decisions


  • >15 years experience building and running billing operations
  • Extensive experience in billing methodologies including private/public payors, hospitals and individual practices
  • Proven track record in designing and reporting financial reporting in collaboration with finance organization
  • Experience in launching LDT/FDA tests and proven track record of billing optimization
  • Strong vendor management experience
  • Risk management and strategic analysis is a must
  • A genuine desire to impact patient lives
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