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Location: San Francisco, US


The Head of Discovery or Senior Director of Discovery oversees the Mass Spec method architecture and implementation plans for InterVenn’s biomarker discovery platform. The successful candidate will scope the mass spectrometry method development, spearhead innovation in LC-MS assays for glycoproteins.


We are not married to specific tools, technologies or shiny objects. We ask questions until we arrive at the best answer for the patient. We believe glycoproteins are a new language of biology we are translating for the benefit of patients, researchers, science and medicine. We have diverse backgrounds and experiences, skeptical about the status quo yet solution oriented. If this sounds like a good fit, read on.


As the Mass Spec Discovery lead, you will contribute deep analytical expertise to address biomarker discovery and a wide range of biological questions.


  • Design, develop and optimize novel LC and Mass Spec methodologies and workflow for protein and glycoprotein biomarker discovery, identification and quantification
  • Enhance LC/MS hardware and software capabilities, evaluate system integration feasibilities for clinical products
  • Provide an interface to biology, chemical proteomics and data teams in system integration and biological interpretation of MS data
  • Work with the mass spec team and provide guidance to junior team members
  • Coordinate with the rest of the team to implement mass spec solutions for clinical diagnosis
  • Supervise mass spectrometry instrumentation operation for discovery


  • PhD in analytical chemistry, chemical biology, proteomics or a related field with 10 + years of relevant applied mass spectrometry experience
  • Outstanding track record in MS method development and complex proteomic/ glycoproteomic data analysis
  • Extensive knowledge and application of complex sample preparation methodologies as applied to protein mass spectrometry workflows
  • Experience and knowledge with different types of mass spectrometers (Orbitrap, MALDI, TOF, QQQ)
  • Broad and deep knowledge in glycoproteomics biology is preferred
  • Excellent communication skills
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